Goldenites produce award-winning, all natural sodas

Rocky Mountain Soda, Oogavé now available in supermarkets


Business partners Drew Fulton, Phil Kiphardt and Moose Koons strive to make “the good stuff.”

The men manufacture 12 different flavors of soda through Rocky Mountain Soda and 12 more through Oogavé.

The passion, Fulton said, is to provide and “create new and unique, interesting flavors.”

Rocky Mountain Soda got its start as cocktail mixers in 2008. The first flavor was the Golden Ginger Beer, which is still the company’s best seller and named after the owners’ hometown of Golden. The company’s newest soda is the Old Centennial Orange Cream, which was launched in February when the Denver Broncos won the Superbowl.

“It’s our ode to the Broncos,” Fulton said.

Last year, the company entered its products in a competition at the 2015 Colorado State Fair. In the nonalcoholic brews category, the Colorado Cola won a gold medal — first place — and the Rocky Mountain Root Beer received an honorable mention.

The men took over Oogavé about two years ago with the purpose to make it “hipper and cooler.”

Oogavé sodas are still made with agave nectar, and Fulton would like to “take it back to its roots” and expand the product into the Mexican market.

Rocky Mountain Soda and Oogavé products are available in the bottle or for soda fountains and bar guns. The sodas are distributed nationwide, plus Canada.

The sodas have recently become available in supermarkets. Within the past month, Rocky Mountain Soda and Oogavé products have expanded into 109 Safeway stores, 30 Sprouts markets and are now doing demos at various Whole Foods Markets.

“You’re starting to find us all over the place,” Fulton said.

The sodas can also be bought online at or And although not a retail establishment, people may also stop by the company’s factory to pick up some sodas: 4420 Glencoe St. in Denver.

Locally, a number of establishments carry the products: D’Deli, Golden Goods, Heinie’s Market and Edwards Meats. Plus, the sodas can be found at Golden breweries such as Holidaily Brewing, Mountain Toad Brewing and Cannonball Creek Brewing Company.

“Like all of Colorado,” Fulton said, “we support our local craft industry.”

The sodas are made with four ingredients: carbonated Colorado water, non-GMO cane sugar, all natural flavoring and non-GMO citric acid.

“You can count all of the ingredients on one hand,” Fulton said, “and you can pronounce them all.”

The sodas are certified kosher, certified organic, gluten free and vegan. The only one that has caffeine is the Colorado Cola.

As far as sodas are concerned, Fulton said, Rocky Mountain Soda and Oogavé products are a healthier option. “There’s no artificial anything,” he said. “They’re as natural as possible, but still taste great.”


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