Letter: Amending Alcorn


Mr. Alcorn you write to solve the problems of the USA debate, all we need is to avoid name calling? "Sorry Charlie" (excuse term usage if outside of today's "pocket brains") but that is the crux of the issue. Us putting our perspectives about fixes or truths out there as real solutions/facts.

Like Washington or Lincoln couldn't solve "partisanship" neither did they eliminate "name calling." No matter the complaints against President Trump, our Democrat Party helped elect him. This is our shared experience and Wiki Leaks releases that didn't allow choosing the most popular Democrat candidate. At issue is people carrying the information of the world in their pockets! Believing in all that's available, with media biases backing every thought and only questioning validity when it differs from what is personally contemplated, is a mistake. False or misleading knowledge and information is quickly accessible through "New Technology." It is our populous belief's proof. It's not as you suggested "our society operates at about ...", limited to "140 characters" or the majority's short attention spans. It's "Hate" by any group or person calling for further Civil Rights or protections against any other/s which is the problem of equality. Any government whose main objective is; "of, by and for all the people" doesn't needed to pick winners or losers in anything. High School's most popular vocabulary term "FU" won't help either, Michael. We have to realize media and "pocket brains" don't show all another person is, or even give "true" pictures of them.They only create personal perspectives.

Gary Scofield,



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