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Letter: Support state's independence


The Colorado Freedom Defense Act, HB17-1230 just passed the Colorado House and is moving to the Senate. State Senate President Kevin Grantham should assign this bill to a committee that will give it a fair hearing.

This bill protects Colorado from federal overreach by insuring that our local law enforcement agencies won't use their staff to do the job of federal agencies. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) will remain free to enforce immigration law in Colorado, and local law enforcement will continue detaining dangerous criminals who are unauthorized immigrants. But local agencies will not waste resources pursuing and detaining law-abiding community members just because they may be undocumented.

Our local police should be focusing on keeping us safe from actual criminals, instead of targeting people who pose no threat. Studies consistently show that cities whose police force remains focused on local law enforcement and leaves immigration enforcement to ICE are actually safer, because the immigrant community works with police to report crime. (See NPR's "Why Sanctuary Cities are Safer, Jan 29, 2017). This is why many sheriffs and chiefs of police support a separation between their work and the work of ICE.

Contact Kevin Grantham as well as Republican state senators to show support for this bill and keep Colorado communities safe and welcoming.

Robin Kupernik,



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Pose no threat?

Yesterday I was hit by an uninsured motorized with a Mexican ID. The policeman couldn't do a thing because the accident occurred on Private Property. The policeman admitted he knew that four men, who couldn't, or wouldn't speak a lick of English, were in the US illegally.

Pose no threat?

Colorado car insurance is higher because of illegal uninsured drivers.

Your school budgets are being ate up with kids from NON TAX PAYERS.

Illegal alien migration into the United States costs American taxpayers $346 billion annually reported by the National Research Council.


No threat huh?

There are approximately 3.7 million unlawful immigrant households in the U.S. These households impose a net fiscal burden of around $54.5 billion per year. - You wonder why JEFFCO wont pass a BOND ISSUE? because this is where the taxes are going ...

Pose no threat?

Amnesty for unlawful immigrants can pose large fiscal costs for U.S. taxpayers including public education, welfare benefits, and other benefits and services. - Who pays for that stuff? YOU DO!

No threat? HA! You like your high insurances premiums?

Roughly 7 million are ineligible for Obama Care benefits because they are unlawful immigrants.


Pose no threat?

The Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that tenant-occupied residential property comprised 21 percent of the value of all residential property. Therefore, 21 percent of the property tax on residences was assumed to fall on those properties.


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