Letter: Unfair criticism of Dan


Are any of the charges in recent letters to the editor critical of Jeffco's ex-Superintendent Dan McMinimee true?

Do these letter writers not know that every chief executive serving under a Board of Directors, public or corporate, is obligated to follow its directions?

Was Dan ever charged by the present Teachers'-Union-installed School Board with any deficiency, much less insubordination? 

Is not the interim-Superintendent silently following exactly those same orders from the present Board, with respect to school closures, financial shuffling, mass sixth grade forced-migrations, plus program cuts and their subsequent restorations?

So how can they then be McMinimees' faults? 

Do not these letter writers owe Dan McMinimee an apology?

Russ Haas,



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Magic Mike

Until the School Board improves its horrible reputation; a reputation that puts pay raises ahead of the kids, there will never be another successful bond issue in Jefferson county. The PRO UNION SCHOOL BOARD wrote a check when they promised raises without the means to fund the raises. The bond issue failed but the raises are still on?

Its for the kids?!?!?!? yea right.

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