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Golden, here's what to know about sexual violent predators

Police provide information about new area resident


Golden community members filled Golden High School’s auditorium on Dec. 13 to learn more about a sexually violent predator (SVP) now living in the community.

The panel presenting the meeting included Golden police officers, a parole officer, a deputy district attorney, a sex offender therapist and a victim’s outreach representative.

The offender is Wayne Joseph Evano, 41. His residence is 517 Maple St. in Golden.

He is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 190 pounds. He has dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a beard.

Evano was convicted of attempted sex assault, overcoming the victim’s will — a class 5 felony. The offense happened in the nighttime hours on Jan. 10, 2015, in the central part of Golden. Evano served time in prison for the conviction and was paroled on May 25, 2017. He is serving a two-year parole sentence.

His previous criminal history includes misdemeanor convictions of indecent exposure and public sexual indecency in Arizona.

Evano has monitoring software on his smartphone and is required to wear a GPS tracking bracelet. He is permitted to use public transit and occupy public places, but he is not allowed in schools and establishments where he can purchase alcohol.

Community notification of Evano’s residency in Golden was sent to 2,900 homes in addition to staff at the Colorado School Mines. The purpose of a community meeting is for public safety and education, and all designated SVPs are subject to community notification meetings which are mandated by law.

Information from the meeting is available on the city’s website: www.cityofgolden.net/media/FASO.pdf

Five things to know:

When a sex offender moves into the community

Rights and responsibilities

Sex offenders on probation or parole have the right to live in a community and become productive members of the society. They have the same need for housing and employment as everybody else. Golden has no restrictions on where a sex offender can live.

However, paroled sex offenders have no privacy and must waive confidentiality for treatment and case management purposes. They are managed by a team of professionals that generally includes a supervising officer, a treatment provider and a polygraph examiner.

Offenders must register their place of residency every three months, and law enforcement does quarterly in-person residency verifications.

A community has a vested interest in helping offenders be successful for the best interest and safety of the community. The most dangerous offender is one who is not registered, and not in treatment or under any form of supervision.

Harassment is counter-productive and may lead offenders to go underground and/or re-offend. In addition, anybody participating in vigilantism, harassment, threats or intimates an offender is subject to criminal prosecution.

What is an SVP?

All 50 states have some form of designation for the highest risk sex offenders. In Colorado, the designation is SVP, which stands for sexually violent predator. However, SVP is a label, or designation, and not a descriptor of an offender’s specific sexual offense.

According to research, SVPs are more likely to commit a new sex crime post-release release from the Department of Corrections. This determination is reached through a thorough assessment and the court makes the finding if a sex offender is or is not an SVP. However, an offender must meet specific criteria prior to undergoing the SVP assessment, which includes age, the date of offense and conviction, what the crime of conviction was and the offender’s relationship to the victim.

Sex crimes by the numbers

As of Nov. 22, there are about 18,873 registered sex offenders in Colorado, and about 44 in Golden. There are about 203 SVPs listed on the registry, and many of them are incarcerated.

Most offenders of sex crimes are men. In fact, the FBI reports that in 2006, women accounted for less than 10 percent of all sex offense cases. Two percent of the offenders on Colorado’s sex offender registration are women.

More than 80 percent of all sex crimes go unreported, and only between 1 and 10 percent of child sexual abuse cases are reported. In Colorado, one in four women and one in 17 men are likely to have been sexually assaulted in their lifetime.

Victims of sexual assault are three times more likely than the general population to suffer from depression, and 13 times more likely to attempt suicide.

The perpetrator is at fault 100 percent of the time.

Tips to protect your family

It’s important to remember that a convicted sex offender is not the only dangerous person out there. In addition, there is no one defining characteristic that can identify a sex offender.

Everybody should avoid high risk or dangerous situations and be observant of your surroundings.

When talking to your children, avoid scary details and use language that is honest and age-appropriate. Teach your children to tell a trustworthy adult if anyone acts inappropriately towards them, but also teach them that not all adults are always right.

Pay attention to your child’s thoughts and feelings, and make sure they know the importance of honesty and the danger of keeping secrets.

Stay informed

There are a number of resources for people to locate an SVP or sex offender through their registry. There is also help for victims of sex offenses, and outreach for those who want more information on how to protect themselves and their families from becoming victims of sexual assault.

Some are:

Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) website: http://sor.state.co.us/

National Sexual Assault Hotline: 800-656-HOPE

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website: www.missingkids.com

Victim Outreach Incorporated: www.victimoutreach.org

Golden Police Department: 911 10th St., 303-384-8045

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office: 200 Jefferson County Parkway, 303-277-0211


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