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In an increasingly global society, questions of identity and existence are being explored as never before. While our uniqueness and individuality can leave us feeling isolated, a myriad of commonalities unite us in the collective experience. Join Walker Fine Art for LAYERS OF EXISTENCE, a group exhibition in which six distinctive artists hope to celebrate and value human differences through inner awareness and outward empathy, as we contemplate the complexities of identity.

The Blends paintings by FARIDA HUGHES present composite “portraits” of layered colors and shapes that combine visually to create a new and complex identity. A diptych shows abstract head-like forms paired as a couple but with gazes that do not include the other, reflecting on our current moment of isolation and inter-dependency. In circular compositions, the artist plays with the concept that we are individuals but simultaneously part of a larger system. With an abstract visual language she aims to celebrate and value human difference in the hope that the more we appreciate and see each other’s uniqueness, the more effectively we can relate with one another to build a better world.

GAIL FOLWELL believes that art is a conduit for healing and teaching. Her current focus inspires universal consciousness and compassion. In this series she strives to shed light and understanding where there is darkness and conflict. "We are a profoundly connected world of disconnected people. Our focus is the energy fueling hate or love, progress or recession."

PETER ILLIG presents his Hypnagogic Dream series, artworks containing layered images from myriad sources. They do not literally illustrate dreams; they reveal odd juxtapositions, anxiety-induced images that surround and fill people’s minds. The images that are presented here are not as random as they first seem, and in his paintings they become metaphors for power struggles, sexual politics, and our distinctly American cultural life.

Questions of identity are at the heart of MARK PENNER-HOWELL’s practice. While cultural history and personal experience frame much of what we think of as identity, Mark is interested in exploring the more “fluid” or non-fixed aspects of being human. Depicting the human form in abstract, geometric, or otherwise non-literal spaces frees him to explore its metaphorical potential. In this body of work, he is exploring moments of transition or passage, and portraying states of duality, in order to make visible the complexities of the self.

SABIN AELL’s latest vision is about inner landscapes of the mind relating to outer landscapes; landscape is in transition constantly, and so are we. When people move and float to different countries, places & settings, they collect an emotional pattern that describes the sensation and ideas that stayed with them when thinking about their experience within. Landscape is a culturally shared environment, it is where we grow up and live, it is our woods, mountains, waters and fields. Using it with organic shapes, colors and patterns found outside in nature in front of her camera translates her thoughts into visual descriptions and sets the mood for her story.

In her latest installation of cast ceramic sculpture, The Thing With Feathers, MEAGEN SVENDSEN steps away from her traditional use of white on white, and into the world of color. She presents a surreal and timely exploration of the elusive concept of HOPE. Through the metaphor of balloons, Svendsen contemplates the multifarious meanings of, sources for, and purposes of HOPE, as she celebrates and mourns its utility as a binding force in humanity and nature.

Event Dates
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from Friday, November 8, 2019 through Saturday, January 4, 2020
Event time
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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